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teeth filing
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Do not file your teeth. This cannot be stressed enough, given the rise in popularity surrounding this procedure.

But while it may seem harmless enough, it will in fact damage your teeth leaving you in a worse mess then when they were simply uneven. It is a simple enough procedure this teeth filing, your dentist simply takes an electric file and chips down your tooth so that it is evenly balanced with your other ones.

However, and keep in mind that any prevalent dentist will not venture anywhere near such a procedure, this filing cuts away at the enamel of the tooth leaving it defenceless against the acid and bacteria that causes tooth decay.

In recent years there has been an increasing interest in anything to do with cosmetic surgeries and procedures and cosmetic dentistry has been at the top of that list. No matter where you look there are advertisements proselytizing this popular new cosmetic industry: teeth whitening, capping, crowning, even orthodontics. In todayís society physical appearances have taken on an entirely new dimension and the smile is the number one feature. This is why filing has become so important, especially after one of the above procedures: orthodontics.

Braces are used to properly align the teeth within the mouth but after they are removed there can still be some flaws. Grooves or bumps in the teeth, residue left from the glue, these are minute things but to some people they affect the overall beauty of their smile. If this is the case and you are seriously considering teeth filing keep in mind the cons of the situation. This procedure will produce a smooth enameled surface but also increased sensitivity to just about everything and the thinning of the enamel on the tooth which can lead to tooth decay.

The sensitivity will occur immediately while the decay will take years to advance but the overall health of your teeth will be greatly affected. What most people donít know is that filing can change the musculature of the mouth which will affect the bite of your teeth and they way you chew. This can lead to problems with digestion because food is not being properly chewed before swallowing. Also, if you are already prone to weak enamel and teeth you could find yourself with chipped teeth from this procedure and you may be more prone to breaking them.
   Charitable organizations often offer grants for dental work.